O U R    S E R V I C E S

Simplifying the Construction Process

Personalization and Marketing

Meets and exceeds even the most specific demands and requirements

Assists the customers in choosing the upgrades that are right for them

Tracking Scheduling

Creates a schedule for the subcontractors to track each of their specific tasks

Allows pictures and videos to be uploaded to document and monitor the process

Administration and Implemetation

Integrate contractors and subcontractors in the same platform

Provides easy access to information through your mobile device

Replaces the existing paper and email system with our paperless process

Software Overview

Simplifying the Construction Process



Software Easily Integrates All Teams on the Personalized Project

Developers and Architects

  1. Creation of projects and apartment models
  2. Manages materials and drawings

General Contractors and Sub Contractors

  1. Eliminates the need for printing documents and sending emails
  2. Automatic change-orders
  3. Stores all needed information in its specified place

Marketing and Sales Team

  1. Smart selection facilitated by pictures and 3-D renderings
  2. Platform supports both personalization and sales